For 18 years, the Law Office of Teresa Garcia has been representing individuals accused of crimes.  When it comes to criminal defense, our main concern is insuring that our client's rights, as an accused person, are protected.  Our goal is to keep our client notified and aware of all of the issues that may arise in the defense of their case and to address those issues when they do.


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Did you know that the DWI laws of the State of Texas have recently changed?  Knowing the law is key in defending DWI cases.  

  • A first time DWI offender who has a blood/alcohol level of .15 or higher will now be facing a Class A. Misdemeanor.
  • Bexar County has just initiated "NO REFUSAL WEEKENDS."  This means that if a person refuses to take the Breathalyzer, a warrant will be sought to force a blood sample be taken.
  • Do not submit to any Field Sobriety Tests or to any Breathalyzer test. Submitting to those tests only helps the State's Attorneys and the police officers build a case against you.
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